At Ingoduo, we offer our customers the most effective services and solutions to increase their success and competitiveness, as well as to maximize their brand image.

Our target is in the field of Digital Marketing; working with our customers in a long term business relationship – keeping productivity, original ideas and creative applications in line with the latest techniques and methods – supporting brand images to ensure retention with sales and productivity focused business results.

Performance Marketing

With the help of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Remarketing / Retargeting technologies, we provide answers to efficiently optimize your sales and create opportunities. Thanks to the giant brands from great variety of sectors we have had experience with, we provide you the best performance marketing strategy for the right target audience. Through the optimization techniques that we combined with AdWords scripts, we prefer to spend much more time on data insights so that your budget is spent in the most efficient way under the most profitable terms. With Ingoduo’s professional marketing services, you can be confident that you will get the return on your advertising investment at the most reasonable cost.


In the past, when it came to advertising for brands, only television and billboards are used to be taken into consideration. However, now there is a world where you can reach to a very small part of your target audience with these traditional advertisements unless you are on digital platforms anymore. So in this constantly evolving YouTube, Google Display Network and Social Ads field; with our experienced team you get access to the best strategy for you through your funnel’s acquisition, platform creation and engagement steps.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s our job to make your brand visible to Google and to your target audience! By setting your KPI’s according to your business goals with the right strategy, we are working to ensure that you rank at the top in the relevant search results. Our feeding you with the most creative SEO-compatible content ideas, will send Google the right signals and also bring you interaction so that you can become a solution partner to your users. Of course, we are constantly monitoring Google algorithm changes and keeping up with the new search technologies (Mobile First Indexing, AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages, PWA – Progressive Web Apps, etc.) so that you can build your business goals on a solid infrastructure. Therefore, by adapting to the evolving trends and using internationally known SEO tools, we are able to dynamically provide SEO consulting specific to your mobile and desktop sites. Our services, which you may also consider as a one-time audit service, cover a wide range of areas including Technical SEO Consulting, SEO Friendly Content Writing Consulting, Backlink Auditing and Outreach Consulting and Mobile SEO Consulting.

Online Reputation Management

Google is an area that needs to be monitored and managed alongside with social media and traditional media in order to ensure 360° online reputation. Therefore our Online Reputation Management (ORM) scope consists of Brand Awareness Research, Negative Keyword Research, Sensitivity (Sentiment) Analysis, Public Relations Planning and Media Optimization which we offer as a unique service especially in Turkey. After identifying the crucial and sensitive words about your brand, we show you what has been ranking for an entire month as opposed to your current monitorings which show trends and pick ups on daily basis which can fade away the next day. After that we perform sentiment analysis to detect negative, positive and neutral positions you have earned and tell you how to get action to be able to rank properly according to brand image in organic results, image results, video results, news results and even commercial results.

Digital Intelligence and Performance Consulting

When your website traffic is analyzed correctly, you will have the chance to get some insights from the footprints that your customers leave on your website. It requires a great deal of experience and precision to interpret the large data that accumulates in your applications, yet don’t wory! Ingoduo will always be at your side, for both your desktop site and mobile site as well as your applications. First of all, we perform pre-analysis, then by using the insights from those analytical audits, we build some set ups according to your main business goals. After that your Google Analytics integrations are carried out and followed up. Thanks to our combined user experience and conversion rate optimization services, you are aware of every step of your users and we try to convert every piece of data into profitable action for you.






Accelerated Mobile Pages


Progressive Web Apps


App Store Optimization



We provide consulting services new mobile-specific technologies like AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and PWA (Progressive Web Apps), because we are aware that in the Mobile First Indexing world, Google attaches great importance to them and they cannot be ignored.

At the same time, we offer ASO (App Store Optimization) service to our customers who have applications in any app store.

Which Tools for Which Needs?


At Ingoduo, we are designing a customer-specific Google Data Studio report.

This means that you can get the data you want in the desired date range, includes the platform you want, on a dashboard that we have decided together with the design. So our customers are getting rid of the report requesting from agency, and we spend our time giving you more valuable insights.

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