This cookie notice is for visitors to our websites, apps and other digital platforms. It sets out how we use cookies. In this notice ‘we’ and ‘our’ means INGODUO İnternet Bilgisayar Reklam Hizmetleri ve Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. which operates this platform.

What Are Cookies?

For almost any modern website to work properly, it needs to collect certain basic information on its users. To do this, a site will create files known as cookies – which are small text files – on its users’ computers. These cookies are designed to allow the website to recognise its users on subsequent visits, or to authorise other designated websites to recognise these users for a particular purpose.

Cookies We Use

It’s important to note that different cookies do different jobs. Below you will find a summary of cookies used by our website:

Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies, called system cookies, are created each time you visit our website, and are automatically deleted when you leave again. They help with the smooth operation of our website, and make sure that any selections you make during each browsing session are remembered. Without these cookies, our website will not work correctly.

Analytical Cookies or Performance Cookies: They allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors and to see how visitors move around our website when they are using it. The information we collect using analytical cookies is collected on an anonymized basis.

We use Google Analytics cookies on our website. Google Analytics cookies help us understand how you engage and interact with our website, including how you came to our website, which pages you visited, for how long and what you clicked on, and your location (based on your IP address). The information is depersonalized and is displayed as numbers, meaning it cannot be tracked back to individuals. This will help to protect your privacy. Using Google Analytics we can see what content is popular on our website, and strive to give you more of the things you enjoy reading and watching.

Third Party Cookies: We use third party cookies for tracking user trends and patterns with the help of third party web statistics providers. The third party cookies used for tracking user-trends and patterns are used exclusively by INGODUO and the web statistics provider, and are not shared with any other third party.

We use the following:

  • Google AdWords Cookies: to record the number of users visiting our website by clicking on our ads, and to create anonymous user statistics. The information we receive from Google is solely used to optimize our advertising campaigns. By clicking on an ad, Google stores the Adwords-cookies on your computer.
  • Facebook Pixel Cookies: to build audiences for advertising campaigns served on Facebook, to serve ads based on your past visits to our websites, and to measure the performance of our marketing campaigns.

Social Cookies: We use social cookies to allow you to share content via third-party social networks. Note that these cookies are only stored if you decide to click on the available social platform buttons.

How To Opt Out Of Cookies

Most web browsers allow you to manage which cookies you accept via their settings – you can use the following links to find out more. If your browser is not listed below, you can normally use the ‘Help’ functionality on your browser to find out about how it handles cookies.

Internet Explorer
Safari Web & iOS

Please note that if you choose to disable any or all of the cookies set by this website, some functionalities will no longer be available to you.

How To Opt Out Of Analytical Cookies

Google analytics provide a browser plugin to prevent their analytics cookies being placed, or you can use your browser settings to disallow analytics cookies.

How To Opt Out of Third Party Cookies

You can opt out of personalized ads in your Ads Settings. Your opt outs will apply across both Google ads services, and the websites and apps that partner with Google to show ads. To opt out of cookie-based advertisements from other platforms, click here.

How To Opt Out Of Social Cookies

We are unable to remove the third party cookies set by the widget; you will need to use your browser’s cookie management tools to remove these social cookies yourself. We have no control over the process used by social networks to gather information related to your browsing of our website and linked to the personal data in their possession.

Please note that by disabling cookies, you may be prevented from accessing some features of our site or certain content or functionality may not be available.